There is Woodway and then there are conventional treadmills!   

A partner to fitness facilities worldwide for over 30 years, Woodway is not just another treadmill but a total fitness solution.  Woodway treadmills and performance fitness systems are world renowned for their features, durability and reduced cost of ownership. Woodway’s patented Slat-Flex running system is scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissues and our performance series products are used by professional sports and Olympic teams worldwide. All Woodway treadmills are 100% designed, engineered and Made in the USA.



Worldwide Excellence for over 45 Years!   

For over 45 years Landice has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of premium quality, light commercial and club treadmills.  With over 100,000 units currently in service worldwide, Landice products are found in the harshest environments and consistently rank among the very best in terms of quality, durability and value. U.S.A. made Landice treadmills are hand-crafted with an aluminum frame for strong, rust-free durability. Our elliptical is a space saving, total body machine offering a natural stride, comfortable feel, and adjustability from 17” to 23” to accommodate all types of users from a solid platform.

jacobs ladder

The Ultimate Fitness Experience!

A patented commercial cardio machine, Jacobs Ladder is specifically designed to place the user at a 40 degree angle in order to take stress off the lower back.  Jacobs Ladder is self-paced, so the faster you go, the faster it goes providing a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. Now introducing the new STAIRWAY, the ultimate stair climber where you control the speed.  MADE IN THE USA Jacobs Ladder products are found everywhere in health clubs, fire stations, police stations, military facilities, sports training facilities and medical/rehab offices.


Safe, Effective, Affordable!

With offices and manufacturing facilities in California, ROPEFLEX is the perfect complement to any fitness facility with its full line of rope training machines specially designed for the growing cross-fit/functional training craze.   All Ropeflex products are Made in the USA and our upright, recumbent and even dual position (horizontal and vertical) rope climbers are compact and versatile enough to fit into every gym facility.



With patented “Drive Position Technology” HiTrainer non-motorized treadmills are perfect for HIIT, Group and Circuit training, Sled and Speed training, Therapy/Rehabilitation and Fitness Evaluation.  All three Hi-Trainer models recruit the major muscle groups and engage the posterior chain in a preferred position to achieve maximum workout intensity.   Our popular ATP Trainer is just right for basic training and conditioning.  The ATP+ adds in the ability to monitor POWER and FORCE readings with real-time feedback. Perfect for coaches and athletes looking to improve speed, acceleration, power and balance.  Finally the Hi-Trainer PRO has been designed and engineered for ELITE SPORTS PERFORMANCE AND REHABILITATION with additional, customizable measurement tools.  H-Trainer is innovative, challenging and effective.


alliance products

motive fitness

Revolutionizing the Way we Stretch!

Stretching is an integral part of the “Fitness Triangle” along with Cardio and Strength.  The new TotalStretch TS200 is a compact, affordable way to perform pre-exercise warm-ups and after workout cool-downs through better and safer training techniques.  With our ErgoStretch™ Handlebar System, Platform and Rollers you can target different muscles correctly and comfortably.  Seated or standing from the front or back: a SUPERIOR stretching experience all in one machine. 




The Most Advanced Glute-Hamstring-Abdominal Exercise Equipment on the Market

First developed in 2011 and now MADE IN THE USA the exciting new GLUTEFORCE is a revolutionary, “all-in-one trainer” which allows the user to target the gluteal, hamstring and abdominal muscle groups in a manner not duplicated by traditional GHD trainers.  Designed for new, experienced and elite athletes the Gluteforce’s variable resistance characteristics allows for safe and challenging workouts.  Main exercises include Reverse Glute Extension, Nordic Curl and Inverted Abdominal Crunch.​

prime fitness

the evolution of strive strength!

Prime Fitness combines innovation, durability and aesthetic designs to produce fitness equipment with superior performance that lasts. Prime’s product portfolio includes 3 lines of selectorized strength training equipment, a plate-loaded line, a state-of-the-art functional trainer and steel racks. Prime’s selectorized machines feature their innovative SmartCam technology, offering multiple resistance selections, each targeting a different muscle area within a given exercise motion.  Made in the USA for the World!​