michelle allred

Michelle is a Business Consultant for Fitness First, Inc., of Salt Lake City, Utah.  

Michelle brings a lot of experience in several industries and started in the fitness industry in 2000. By 2001 she was General Manager for the largest wholesaler/retailer specialty fitness business in Puerto Rico with international businesses throughout the Caribbean.  Mrs. Allred oversaw the operations of the sales and service departments including two retail locations, one of which was located in Plaza Las Americas – the largest shopping mall in the Caribbean.  Michelle had overall responsibility for the importation of all merchandise for the retail and wholesale operations, the human resources department, and accounting department.  Mrs. Allred  was also a member of the Board of Directors of Fitness Warehouse, Inc.

In 2006, Mrs. Allred relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah and began her services as freelance Business Consultant.  Mrs. Allred  is the liaison for Customer Service, Accounting, and Logistics for Fitness First, Inc. and works closely with The Alliance in terms of all Latin American operations.​